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A light in the darkest place

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

Rahab’s life was changed forever when the wall of Jericho fell, she left a life of prostitution to become King’s David great grandmother and be part of Jesus genealogy. She was named after a false deity. She grew up between the fortify walls of the city and due to life circumstance she was led to live a life with no purpose or hope. But when she had an encounter with the one true God, she become much more of what she could have ever dreamed of. Between the spiritual walls of one of the largest cities in South Asia, many Rahab’s live, without any purpose or hope. To be more precise over 1,500 work in one of the many Red Zones of the city. Night after night these women prostitute themselves as circumstance has led them to live such a life.

But in the mist of darkness, where it seems that there is no hope, there is a light overcoming darkness. Women who have left comfort, careers and some their countries to be where sin abounds to demonstrate that the grace of God abounds even more for them. For decades these mothers and grandmothers have dedicated their strength and abilities to rescue many Rahab’s. By leading them to Christ and offering opportunities that are filled with purpose and hope. It is a hard labor and at times dangerous but the reward of seeing these young women come out of darkness into the Glorious Light is enough to keep them pursuing. These warriors have surrounded the spiritual walls in obedience, however, many more are needed to come along with them and be art of those who will make the spiritual walls come down once and for all in Jesus Glorious Name.

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