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My Father is always at work

The Pharisees criticized Jesus for telling a man who had been lame for long time to get up and pick up his mat and walk on the Sabbath. Jesus responded, “ My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working."

While visiting a country in Asia, and seeing what God is doing through his people, I was in awe. Meditating on his goodness, Holy Spirit reminded of the above story. You see, God is always at work whether it is at your local school, hospital, inner-city or even in your family. He is always healing, saving, restoring, and providing.

Our Father is at work at this very moment, Jesus said my bread is to do the will of the one who has sent me. As disciples, we are to do and say what our Father is saying and doing. As you read this, I pray that you are working along aside of Abba. Jesus paid the price for his people to walk in the good works that he has created for us to walk in. It is up to us to get on board. Whether it is to sow time in your community, local schools, jails, or even your neighborhood, every time we sow in the Kingdom we will receive a harvest. No labor in the Kingdom goes without notice. You are a carrier of His Light, His Kingdom, His Keys.

Would you share what Jesus has giving you with someone today?

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