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Sowing in the right soil

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

He who gives seed to the sower and bread to eat will also provide and increase your seed for sowing and produce a great harvest of your righteousness. 2 Corinthians 9:10

The farmer knows that a good harvest is determine by the quality of the seed and the type of soil that is used. When we give for the glory of God and for the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven, we must use the same principle. The bible teaches on the different types of giving that brings honor to God, that is through our finance as it allows Him to intervene in this area that matters to us all- our finances. When it comes to offering to a ministry or giving to someone who is working as a pastor, missionary or evangelist, there are two types of attitudes that we can take when giving. We can give as alms or seed.

Our attitude during our giving will determine the results we will receive. Both forms of giving are biblical and the Lord Jesus mandates us to practice both, however, we must understand this principle well so when the opportunity comes for us to give we will know what to expect from God.

Alms are based on the need of someone. It is when we give because there is a need that needs to be cover. God promises that when we give alms He will return exactly what we have given to the poor. Some laborers present the needs in hopes that potential contributors will be moved in mercy and sympathy. When we give because there is a need, we are giving alms. God has promised to return the exact amount of your given. It is good to give alms but it not the best way when it comes to giving for the work of God.

If you identify good soil and you have seeds in your hands, do not turn your seeds into alms instead take the seed and sow it. The seed will produce a harvest in your life, whether in your finances, personal life or in ministry. When we sow, we do not sow because of needs but because we have an opportunity for a harvest. God promises that He will multiply the seed 30, 60 or 100-fold. That is not a selfish attitude, it is simply understanding that God will multiply the seed you have been entrusted with, so you can continue to sow and be a blessing to many. In Ethne Missions, we do not expect you to be moved in giving because of the needs, although, they are many but instead we offer you an opportunity to sow a seed in good ground, into Ethne Missions. We trust that God will multiply your seed and in return receive a harvest.

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