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To all Ethne

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Go and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19

What was happening in Jerusalem was glorious, the Gospel was being preached and was confirmed through signs and wonders. The Church was growing in exponential numbers every day, and there was no need among Without any doubt the Church was healthy, vibrant and flourishing, living a supernatural life. Soon enough, they would need to build a place that would be known around the world, a place where people from every nation would come to see the wonders God was doing among His people. They were comfortable in Jerusalem and for a moment they have forgotten the mandate of the Lord Jesus, to go to all nations and make disciples. Suddenly, a great persecution broke out against the church in the city, and they were all scattered to different regions. The disciples left their place of comfort and remembered their purpose, the persecution pushed the believers to finally obey the Great Commission, they started to proclaim the Gospel as they went.

The condition of the church in the West is very similar to the one in Jerusalem, is healthy, vibrant and it grows in numbers continually. Week after week people as fed and are full of knowledge of the Word. Churches that move in the supernatural power of God and their members have a clear understanding of who they are, understanding the power and authority they have received from the Lord Jesus. Some churches have built great buildings and their ministry is well known around the world, they have great music, everything is well organized, and their coffee is great. They are very comfortable, living their dreams, but they have forgotten that there is a task that needs to be accomplished around the world, a task that has an eternal purpose. Go, Jesus said, to all Ethne and make disciples.

Comfort and privileges can be, at times, very dangerous if we fix our attention in ourselves and focus on our own dreams, nevertheless, they can be such a blessing if are channel for the glory of God and to make His will be done in every nation. Think for a moment everything that God has trusted you with, the resources and the privileges you have here in the West. What are we going to do with that? The true is that everything belongs to God, but He has given it to us to be good stewards . Are we going to keep treasures for ourselves alone or are we going to glorify God and using our resources in the nations of the world? Jerusalem had to lose certain privileges to do what the Lord had commanded, let us not fall into the same error.

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